A little bit about Second Coming for those of you who might not know... (And notice the cover artist is changed! I think someone from FictionWorks read my note, because I didn't even get a chance to email them until now. :)

Within every author, there is an Arthurian novel struggling to get out. That's a paraphrase from a book of Arthurian tales I once read. (I want to say it was Anne McCaffrey, but I could very well be wrong.)

Well, Second Coming is mine. It started with a dream, and worked its way through many, many, many revisions until finally, I had a book I was happy with. A long book. My longest, in fact, to date.

I still have my original notes for the novel. It only went through one title change (the original was called Faith; now the three 'books' are Faith, Hope, and Redemption.)

And it was my way of giving Mordred a chance to redeem himself.

I've always been fascinated with Mordred as a character. There are a handful of books I'd recommend with Mordred (or Medraut) as the main character--among them Ian MacDowell's wonderful duology, Mordred's Curse and Merlin's Gift (I can't believe this are out of print!) to The Winter Prince by Elizabeth Wein.

Although my paltry efforts might not hold a candle to theirs (not to mention the fact that I've kind of changed the legends a bit), I'd like to think that Second Coming is a good book. It does remain one of my favorites. There are certain passages I have to read every now and again, because the book is, after all, about second chances and redemption. I just threw in Merlin, Emrys, Mordred, Morgana, and Arthur to make the mix interesting. :)

I'll see if I can put up the first three chapters tonight. Failing that, I'll have them up by the weekend, since my evening is going to be fairly busy. And if you like them well enough to buy the book, I can only say thanks in advance.


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