Zoey and I are sitting at the computer right now (Okay, she just walked out because I'm not petting her adequately enough...) But anyway.

Today I halfway got roped into going to Target and TJ Maxx with Jessica, Rachel, Bekah, and Ethan. It was just going to be Jess and Rachel (Jess' friend) at first, and then Mom said Bekah might want to go too. So I called her and invited her and my favorite (and only) nephew. Yay. *g*

Didn't get anything written yesterday. I read The Tenth Ghost instead, and honestly? It's not as bad as I thought it was. It's been a while since I've read that book, and I thought it was chock full of continuity mistakes, but actually there are only a handful. (Meaning, things are going to change as the series progresses, but hey, there's always revised versions, right?)

So I woke up early (7:30am!) this morning, and I think I might try to get some writing done before we head off to the stores. After that, I have a hair appointment to chop off some more of the color (I'm growing it out, remember?) and then... nothing. I can pick tomatoes, stem grapes... write...

Tomorrow Mom, Dad, and I are going to the casino. I will report here if I win big. :)

Wordcounts will not be updated until I get back to Columbus, since I have no wordcount on the Visor. *sigh* But anyway.


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