Posting auctions. It's almost a Zen thing, you know? I sit here, type in the stuff, have a pile that keeps getting smaller, and then wham! two hours have passed.

It's really weird. Like there's an "auction zone" as well as a "writing zone". Hmm. I could probably write an article about that. (Later.)

So, so far today isn't going badly. I need to take a shower, get dressed, then lug bunches of books downstairs and bring bunches upstairs to post. I should get my exercise today, at least.

I'm not going to post a true goal for today, but I'm going to aim for at least another 75-100 auctions by the end of the day. We shall see. After all, I don't have anything else planned for today.

Tomorrow, of course, I'm carpooling to Richmond, IN to meet the group from the Online Writing Workshop (that used to be DelRey OWW.) The one person I've already met isn't going to be there, so I am going in cold. I haven't even met the person I'm carpooling with in real life. *g* (Don't worry. If I was at all worried about serial killers and/or crazies, I'd just drive myself.) And that's tomorrow.

So today is auction day. So far so good. I am hoping I can get a lot done in the next few hours... check them out and wish me luck.


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