So yesterday I took a three-hour long drive through about seven or eight tiny towns around Columbus. My aim was Ashville, Ohio, due to the fact that they had a webpage and two apartment complexes. I ended up driving through Groveport (nice!), Canal Winchester (again), Lithopolis (again), Amanda, Cedar Hill (tiny), Mt. Zion (tiny), and probably twelve others I didn't even notice. And, yes, I ended up in Ashville finally.

It was a nice drive. Ashville, though, will not do as a place to live; it is rather run down. I thought the apartment complex inside the turn-of-the-century (as in 1900s) school building sounded cool, but it actually looked a bit junky. Now, watch. Someone from Ashville is going to read this and get mad at me. *g* And the other apartment complex there was just... icky. So, Ashville did not pan out.

On the other hand, I wouldn't mind living in Groveport. It seems to be a nice town. (I drove through the nice part of it, at least.)

But what I really wanted to do is tell everyone about the House. (alas and alack, I did not bring my camera, and I neglected to write down where the House was situated, so I will probably never find it again.) But... let me describe it.

Probably late 1800s-early 1900s, wood siding. I think it used to be white. Copper roof, it looked like, especially on the tower (it was green.) Yes, the tower. The house was in bad shape. I mean, really bad. You could see inside the rooms from the outside bad. The tower was falling apart, at least the siding was falling off in places, and the whole thing had an air of refined neglect that really made me mad.

Let me see if I can describe it. I was driving down this narrow winding road, and stopped at a stop sign. I glanced up and saw the House, just sitting all by its lonesome, in all its tattered splendor. I saw the tower first. I thought, TOWER! Then I noticed the windows were broken out, and the yellow door you could see through the gaps in the tower's siding. And then I saw that the siding at the bottom of the house was pulled away, and I could see into the rooms. (Maybe they're slowly demolishing the house or something.) And I sat there and wished for my camera. And of course I'd forgotten to bring it. :(

The tower was in front and the house was built around it, kind of strangely. I guess the tower rooms (it was three stories high, plus an attic) were just tiny little rooms at one point, and maybe the entrance at the bottom. Probably six or eight or so rooms other than the tower. The yellow door was a nice touch, but I didn't notice any other doors.

But this house... oh. I'm going to have to try to find it again; I really am. Maybe I'll get up really early Thursday morning and leave for Bethel by a roundabout way, take a picture of the house (if I find it again) and go from there. Hmm. There's an idea. Of course, if I had thought to write down the street I was on, I wouldn't have a problem finding it again, but it kind of blew my mind a bit when I saw it.

I feel so sorry for it. It's such a cool House.


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