At the July Burlington last year, I passed up a Schwinn Co-Ed bicycle for $45. I really, really wanted it. It had a bicycle license from Celina Ohio that expired in 1969 on the front, and was in decent, if a bit rusty, shape. It had a book holder in the front and a really scary looking kid's seat on the back (at least that's what we thought it was.)

And I have always wanted an old Schwinn bicycle. But while $45 was closer to my price range, it wasn't quite close enough, I had bought a new-to-me bike at Goodwill the December before, and Mom and Dad brought the red bike back for me from Florida, too, so I really did not need it.

But... look at what is now on my front porch:

Because it was still there, and the sellers had lowered the price down to $18. How could I pass it up for $18?!?

(It is really heavy. And it is not blue. But I will live.)

The only other things I bought were two nice old wooden canes for $25 (for both), a kitchen scale for $5 (and in the next booth over, they were $25), a cast iron breadstick pan for $10 (unmarked), and a garden tool for $3 (a weeder, I think. It will be handy to get the ground ivy out of the garden.)

And I have money left over!

Which, I think, will be my rummage sale money for next weekend. :)

I did not find a mortar and pestle, though. I didn't see a single one. But we saw lots of suitcases, which was kind of odd. Lots and lots and lots of suitcases.

And, for the first time in my life, I saw an actual real HARP at Burlington. (I bought the other one about twelve or so years ago; a small parlor harp that was more of a decoration than an actual instrument.) This one was a real live Erard Pedal Harp, which probably dates it to the early-to-mid 1800s. It was in good shape as far as I could tell--it needed new strings, of course, but there weren't any obvious cracks in the soundboard or pillar or neck. It was a beautiful instrument. I really wish I knew where the seller purchased it. He wanted $5500 for it. Which was way too expensive for Burlington--what would you do, write a check?!--but might have been a good price. I'm not sure.

I have always thought that I would eventually find a harp at Burlington. There was a pedal harp case there once, and the little harp I bought, but I've never seen any other ones there at all. Now I have. There was a harp at Burlington and I bought my bike. I can sleep well now. :)


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