I forgot to post about the sourdough bread I made with one of the four starters I ended up with. I made two baguettes using my baguette pan, and three oblong loaves of bread. I gave one loaf to Mom and Dad, so I have two to eat this week.

And oh! The flavor was just wonderful. The bread was chewy and delicious and just perfect. The baguettes turned out the same way; chewy and delicious and full of crusty goodness. I am impressed. And I really think the dough will make great pizza dough, too.

I am giving one starter to my sister Emily. The others I will keep for the moment; I might use one up to make lots of pizza dough to freeze, but we'll see.

This is the kind of bread that makes you addicted to bread. :)

(Oh, and I forgot to post the update of Heart's Desire yesterday. I meant to when I got home from Burlington, but I ended up sowing seeds instead. I will either post that chapter today or wait until next week and post two chapters.)


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