It rained for the past two days, but the weekend's supposed to be nice and warm and sunny. Spring! (Hopefully.)

So far, one raspberry is coming out (out of three) one blueberry is definitely alive (I'm waiting to see about the others; I think one is definitely dead), the currant is just about ready to burst, and I'm not sure about the gooseberry or the quince. I'll have to check them for signs of life.

I am considering, since the blackberries seem to want to take over the berry patch, buying some shrub plums (they are on sale at Miller's) and some more blueberries, and making a nice little bush berry patch in the back corner of my backyard. It's full sun, and there's no reason why it wouldn't be a good place to put berry bushes. (And--let's all say it--less grass to mow back there!)

But we'll see. I'm already going to have to ask them for a refund for the one currant and whatever else doesn't live.

None of my seeds are up yet, of course.


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