List for the weekend:

--Do Dishes (although I'll probably do them once more before Monday.)
--Write Transformation (I finally finished the lost chapter and started on the next one; maybe finish that one?)
--Work in kitchen/laundry room/entry room
--Post 10 auctions
--Sow more seeds
--Water Plants
--Make chili for lunches (Sunday)
--Bake bread and make granola (Sunday)
--Finish my hat, darn it!
--Call about Street Fair (again; no answer yesterday)
--Update Heart's Desire (Sunday)
--Update Plethora and DisOrganization
--Put away clothes/pick up bedroom
--Work outside/clean up gardens (Sunday; today is supposed to be sunny, but we just got three inches of rain, so I'm letting it dry out a bit.)
--Plant more seeds outside (probably Sunday.)

Today's going to be work inside day, tomorrow's going to be work outside day. So we'll see how I do.


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