Garden rundown:

All my seeds except my eggplant and peppers are up. The Thai Green eggplant is up, but the others aren't yet. I am also seeing signs of life in the huckleberries as well. I have more to sow this weekend; pretty much everything I have left.

I planted a dozen strawberries last year. There is one left in the back flowerbed/garden, and one died in the front flowerbed/garden. However, even though I only got one or two strawberries off my plants last year, I did get a few nice runners, and now I have eight (or nine) plants in the front garden and one in the back. I'm wondering if I should just leave the one in the back or move it to the front.

I will be very happy when I can throw away the nasty disintegrating grass-killing rug. I have about five sections left to kill, though, so it won't be for a while yet. I may end up putting newspaper and mulch down on the last bits and just let it percolate until spring.

All violets in the garden will be dug up and moved, and I have ground ivy in the garden that will have to be dug up and moved as well. I'm moving the ground ivy to where Bekah parks her car; it's a relative of mint, after all, so I doubt I will kill it. And it can fight with the grass, and hopefully win.

This is a very cool article!

And check out the kitchen gardeners website as well!

Out back, my beets, radishes, lettuce, and peas are coming up. I've found lettuce seedlings in the pot where I had the parsley growing last year as well. I've seen no sign of the spinach yet, but I'm hoping after it rains this weekend, I'll see some signs of life.

I will be planting carrots (the first variety) this weekend, and probably more lettuce, too. And other stuff; whatever I can plant outside and whatever I can sow in pots.

I have one blueberry left. I'm rather sad about that. I may just go ahead and order more of the same variety, since this one looks quite happy. Only one raspberry survived, but it's already sprouting babies, and now there are four canes growing. The blackberries never died, and I started out with three canes. I now have at least a dozen. I'm not complaining, but I'm really glad they're thornless.

Other than that, I can't think of anything to add. :)


Jenny said…
That is a cool article. I wouldn't mind a Swiss-chard lawn. :)
Jennifer said…
Me neither! That would be cool. :)

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