Every night this week I've brought home straw from Mom and Dad's--and of course, this evening I hurt my thumb again. :( It was beginning to feel a lot better, too. Argh.

Since the lovely State of Ohio has eliminated our flex time (no more Mondays off as of June 2nd (so far, at least), darn it all) I am toying with the idea of just getting up at my 'normal' time--or sleeping in a little bit--and actually *cough* writing before work. And maybe, just maybe, doing a bit of exercise, too.

(They actually had a bit about it on my NPR station this afternoon.)

I am not really mad about this change. I liked having the day off, but I hated the 10 hour days. Since I refuse to work after 5pm, that meant I worked 6:30-5, which meant I had to get up by 4:30am to leave at 5:45am to get to work at 6:30am. I am not a morning person, either.

So... if I go to work at 7:30, that means I have to leave the house at 6:45, not 5:45. If I still get up by, say, 4:45, then I'd have a whole hour to write or do something else (exercise, ha!) before I have to get ready to leave. This would be extra nice during the summer when it will be cooler earlier in the morning.

If I go to work at 8am, then I'll have to leave the house at 7:15am, which means I could get up at 5:15 and still have an hour to write or whatever before work.

I like this idea a lot. And I'm not sure I want to give up the getting up early; I have grown rather fond of it, and I like the early mornings that I have. They would be even better if I don't have to rush and actually have enough time in the morning to *gasp* write. Or ride my exercise bike. Or, in the summertime, if it's warm enough and light enough, take a walk around the block.

I can make this work to my advantage.

The only bad part is that my baking/cooking day will have to change; I usually make my soup-of-the-week and bread-of-the-week on Mondays, and that will be a bit difficult to do if I'm at work. But I should be able to bake and cook on Saturdays or Sundays; I'll just have to plan my time off better. And Monday holidays will feel like holidays again instead of just days off.

And I won't have any problems at all getting to the post office for ebay stuff, either. I think, in truth, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


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