I said the other day that it seemed like I was waiting until my sister and nephew move out to clean my house. Once I said it, I realized it was true, because once they have removed all their stuff, my job will be a lot easier. It's not quite procrastination, is it, if the job will be easier if I wait? *hopeful look*

That said, I have decided that the 'spare' bedroom will be just that. A room for spare things. The ebay/auction/yard sale room, because I want my dining room back, damn it. Once the dining room is back, I can have practice space for my harps and I don't have to worry about the cats knocking them over. Once the stuff to sell is upstairs and on shelves (and sorted) with no other furniture in the room except for the spare bed (which will remain set up, and can be used for photos) it will be a lot easier to post auctions. Right now, I'm maneuvering around the Dining Room furniture, and there's just not enough room to do much at all. And I certainly don't have enough room to use the room as it is intended to be used.

I am absolutely convinced that once all my excess possessions are in one room and sorted, then it will be much easier to clean the rest of the house, and organize it as well.

Bekah's boyfriend needs to be out of his current abode by June 1st, and probably sooner than that. It's mid-April right now; if pushing my financial goals with the auctions a bit into next year is the result of waiting until I can function with the stuff I have to sell, then so be it. Right now, I don't even have enough space on the dining room table to take pictures of things to sell.

The piles of 'to be sold' stuff from when I cleaned my office in early February are still in my office. I can't bring it down into the dining room because there's no room. See what I mean?

So I can't really call it procrastination. Just a small postponement, that's all. I think that will work on my conscience. :)


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