Tonight, I picked up the two new additions to my 'family' from Freecycle.

I don't have pictures of them yet, but they are Californian rabbits--two females, one probably 12lbs, and one a bit less.

They are at Mom and Dad's for now, since I don't have a setup here for them yet, but they will be coming here eventually to eat my veggie scraps and give me nice manure for my garden! Instant composting. ;)

They will definitely need names. Any suggestions?

(Now, of course, I realize that I could have attempted to find a threatened or critical breed of rabbit and I may still consider that eventually. I would love to have one of these or one of these, for example.)


Unknown said…
Well, if I ever owned a rabbit, it would have to be named Bunnicula. That doesn't account for the other one, though. :)

Also, you're for a meme if you're interested. :)
Vicki said…
Mine are named Sasha and Tasha, but I want to rename Tasha devil bunny. Are they boy or girl rabbits?

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