Today I washed all of the dirty dishes and dried most of them (this was a big deal), and worked outside a bit as well. I replanted the squished squash and potted up some aloe. I fixed a new fence for the cistern bed (on the lawn side of it; I don't want marauding dogs in my swiss chard, after all) and weeded a bit of the opposite side. I am pulling out the Queen Anne's Lace lookalike flowers; they are everywhere, and they're probably an invasive weed. They have roots like you wouldn't believe.

I also found some poison ivy, and washed my hands right away, but we'll see if I get it. There's still more to pull in the mess that's the back end of the cistern bed. I really want to relocate the good stuff that's in there--a bleeding heart, two hostas, and spiderwort, but I'm not sure where I'd put it. Farther down where there's nothing planted? On the side? Who knows?

Next year, I will have to divide and relocate some perennials from the front flowerbed. This isn't as much of a big deal as it seems. I'm already contemplating digging up some apple mint (I must be nuts) and lemon balm and relocating it to the back where I want to fill in with something that will spread.

After all, the less grass I have to mow the better!

What I really need to decide is whether or not to dig up a couple of the blackberries that rooted over the winter and relocate them somewhere else, too. I'm not sure I have enough space for every blackberry cane that is growing at the moment, because I also have the last remaining blueberry and the raspberries (and a couple of roses and tiger lilies) in the same spot. Eventually, I have a feeling I'll be selling blackberries, because they seem to be very cold hardy. I'm not complaining!

And now it seems like I should be doing something else, but I'm a bit tired.


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