Around 5am this morning, my darlings somehow managed to knock the pyrex casserole dish I use as their food bowl off the table and onto the floor, spraying cat food everywhere. The dish didn't break, thank goodness, or it would have been much worse to clean up. As it is, I still have to sweep cat food off the floor, and anchor the dish to the table. (Museum Putty!)

What a nice thing to wake up to. *sigh*

It was very, very windy last night. So windy, in fact, that I couldn't sleep well at all (even with one of my pillows over my head) so I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. But at least yesterday's rain didn't turn into snow, since I have to go to Columbus tomorrow for a meeting. (And leave my house at 5:30am! Ugh!

I have a lot to do today, though, so I'd best get going. But I did want to share a wonderful recipe I came up with for supper last night.

I wanted something vaguely Chinese--meaning, stir-fry, really--but we didn't have anything sauce-wise in the house. So I made up one with only three ingredients, and it was fabulous.

Into a small bowl, I put about a half a cup of soy sauce, a large scoop of peach jelly (probably two tablespoons), and about the same amount of honey. I warmed it up so it would mix better, then cooked two pork chops in a bit of olive oil, then cut them up in the pan when they were almost done.

While they were cooking, I put some rice in my rice cooker and let it go to work. I also scrounged around in the freezer for some sort of vegetable mix--I found peas and carrots, which worked, but anything would do, really. That was about a cup's worth.

I poured the sauce over the pork chops, then added the peas and carrots and let the whole thing simmer as the rice cooked. Once the rice was done, I spooned my concoction over top, and wow. It was yummy! The pork was nice and tender, and the sauce was just absolutely tasty. I'll definitely have to do it again.

There was enough for two servings, so that will be lunch today.


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