When the whole wire jewelry craze started years ago, I didn't get very interested, because I don't have the money to buy expensive jewelry, even if it's handmade. I tried my hand at wire crochet (and decided it wasn't for me) and even made pendants from various rocks I either found or bought. And then I pretty much quit, because I was growing away from jewelrymaking and getting interested in other things.

Well, lately (and not just because I've bought a couple of pieces of wire wrapped jewelry), I've been wondering if I could incorporate my urge to recycle and/or use vintage items with some sort of jewelry. I tried knotting silk, which looks really nice, but I'm more into pendants than necklaces, really, and then my sister Jessica said that she wanted buttons for Christmas.

She's intending to take shank buttons and make them into post earrings. So earlier this afternoon, while cleaning a bit, I decided that I could start going through my buttons and pull her out some for one of her Christmas presents. I think it's a great idea, and I really hope she ends up selling these, because I think they would sell. (She's thinking about it.)

After going through one box of buttons, I came across a few old mother-of-pearl buttons, and had the vague idea (for the second or third time) that I might try again to make pendants out of them. I have wire--not sterling, but some copper and some other wire that I thought would work--and I figured making one or two simple pendants to show off the vintage buttons would be a great experiment.

I'm wearing this one now. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. It's name is "The Hidden Shades of Grey #1." I'm just about to try #2. This is way too cool. I think I finally found a way to do the buttons that will work!


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