I asked for, and received one of these for Christmas, and I unpacked it tonight. I've always liked cooking with crock pots, but I hate the fact that you kind of have to have more than one to do various dishes, especially if you don't necessarily need to make a large amount of something.

The small crockpot I have is probably about 3 qts. and old; it doesn't have a removable crock, so it's kind of hard to clean. I got it off the table full of stuff I bought at that one auction for $1--and it was actually free, since I had someone pay me $1 for a blender on that table. The large crock pot I have is 6 qts., I think, and it's bulky and difficult to work with and very heavy. I got it as a wedding present eight years ago. With the thought of paring down a bit, and wanting to replace the small crockpot, I went searching before Christmas and found the 3-in-1 design.

Why didn't they think of this before? It would have been so useful to have more than one crock that would fit inside the same base! I mean, how many times a year do you really use two crockpots at the same time? The nicest thing about it is that they crocks are actually bowls, so they could very easily be used for other things, like mixing bowls, or the 6 qt. bowl could be a dough bowl if needed. The lid fits all three bowls, so you don't have extra lids hanging around, and all three bowls fit inside each other. Now that I think about it, I could probably use the bowls for No-Knead bread, since they have a lid. Ha!


I'm going to make an inaugural pork roast this weekend just to see how it works, since I have one in the freezer that I really need to make.

And I will probably freecycle the little crockpot, but I haven't decided if I'm keeping the big one or not. I'm not sure I need to, really, but we'll see.


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