I played my new harp this afternoon for a while--she was very easy to tune and sounds wonderful! Although Chloe wasn't impressed--she kept meowing while I was trying to tune. I'm not sure which note was her least favorite, but it was a bit annoying. (She's sleeping now, so it was definitely the harp. I think she was mad because I was in my bedroom and she wanted to sleep.)

She still doesn't have a name, though.

After that, I looked through the craft show leftovers, and decided that I had enough stuff for the gifts I need for various Christmas parties this year. I have two bears, four dolls, and other things that would work just fine, so that's what I'm going to give out. (I only need three items, and then two gifts for my aunts.) So that's covered, and I can go on to something else.

That something else may be a throw, just to use up some fabric, because I can't clean and organize in here until some of it is gone. But I haven't decided yet.

I did clean off my sewing table, though, and again thought that I really need a square sewing table as opposed to an oval one. Either that or when I get the dining room cleaned up, I need to move my sewing machines downstairs. (Which would actually work, now that I think about it. It would be nice to have a large space to spread out on, so maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Hmm.)

To have the best possible sewing space, and especially if I'm going to be making clothes, I really need a flat space for the fabric to be on while I am sewing. I hate it when the fabric falls off the side of the table while I'm sewing. It doesn't help anything at all. And it would also help to have a place to cut out large pattern pieces--other than my bed, that is, which is what I usually use (and have ruined sheets when my scissors have gotten caught.)

The only drawback I can see to bringing the sewing machines/sergers downstairs is that the fabric will still be upstairs. Is that a big deal? I'm not sure.

Of course, come spring, I'll have two empty bedrooms, so I'll probably just make one of those rooms--or this one, even--an official sewing room and move my computer like I'd planned to do already. (The only issue I'm running into with the computer is the phone line, at the moment.) Then I could either move the kitchen table upstairs (with someone who is really strong, so maybe not) or get another table. Or something. (I'd have to get another kitchen table anyway, if I did that. But it would be a great sewing table.)

But then again--and I just remembered this--I do have that butcher block tabletop out in the shed that only needs a bottom. Maybe I already have the solution! Ha! But even that doesn't really help me right now. Oh well.

And actually, now that I think about it, I do have a square table. (Well, they are rectangular.) Two of them, in fact. One is the old primitive style table that is on the front porch, and one is the grey painted table that Ethan is using as a craft table at the moment. Obviously, to use the primitive style table as a sewing table, it would have to either be sanded a bit (which is possible, actually) or have something on top, like a larger one of these. Hmm.


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