This morning, I woke up in a good mood. Then I walked downstairs, let Mabel out, went out to feed the outside cats, and saw Chloe Dearest standing on the windowsill of the dining room--in the room where the cats aren't allowed to go.

I tried to get her out via the hallway door, but she wouldn't come (of course I was yelling, because she knows she isn't allowed in there) so I had to go all the way around into the entry room door and try there.

Whereupon I discovered that she had knocked a little pot off my mantle, slept in and/or peed in my pot of carrots, and gotten dirt all over the floor (I'm hoping she used that empty pot as a litterbox.) Not to mention the fact that she was in a room she wasn't supposed to be in for probably an entire day and two nights, because the last time I was in the dining room was--oh, let's see. I've been trying to remember.

I watered my plants on Monday, but she was definitely around later in the week, because I remember her being around. So, maybe Thursday evening? I don't know.

Either way, she's in trouble, and she knows it. (I did finally get her out--barely.)

Last night, though, I do remember seeing the kittens playing around the bottom of the door. I would assume that she was sticking her paws under the door. Unfortunately, she didn't do that while I was around.

The weird thing is, though--I swear I saw her curled up on the couch when I went downstairs this morning. I even thought to myself, "Oh, look, a cat pillow" because what I thought was Chloe was kind of pushed up against one of the pillows. But when I looked again, there wasn't anything there.

(My cat knows how to teleport. Joy.)


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