My order from Macy's came--I bought a stockpot and a soup pot with my gift card, and wow. Here is the post at Plethora with links and such if anyone else is interested, but they are really nice and heavyweight! (The little pot is just adorable.) I was impressed. I might end up eventually buying the larger one if I need to, but 16qts should do me for a while.

I went to Goodwill today after watching Ethan's Christmas program (his school puts it on every year, and this year he was a wise man--an apt choice) and I spent too much money, but I did end up with some nice things, some of which are for other people. So it wasn't too bad. Check out Plethora for a more detailed post.

In a more distressing note, Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's. I could say a lot of curse words right now. Damn it. He is right there at #1.5 on my list of favorite authors (there are two tied for first place.)


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