I had just sat down to write a bit this morning when I noticed that it was sunny. Considering they had said it would rain until Christmas, and it didn't rain as much as they said it would, I thought that maybe, maybe, I'd have a good chance to make the candy this morning.

So I called Dad, my weatherman, and he told me it was 48% humidity, which is barely under the 50% that seems to be the cutoff, but close enough to try it.

And it worked! I have 150 pieces of Kentucky Cream Candy creaming in the dining room right now.

I'm also making bread for tomorrow's lunch/supper--plain No-Knead bread, Honey Wheat No-Knead bread, and Honey French bread. My house smells good. :)

Now--do I make Dad's cookies (or a version thereof) or leave it at that?


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