Full Moon is 13,887 at the moment. I've been working on it pretty much all day. That's only one patched in chapter, by the way. I've gotten a lot written, too.

Mabel ate something and now has gas so bad that I'd make her sleep outside if I could. Augh. The whole house reeks. I've sprayed stuff and I'm even burning a candle.

(I'm not sure what she ate. I didn't give her any cheese. Really, I didn't!)

I didn't get into the laundry room today, but that's okay. I wanted to get a lot done on Full Moon, and I have/did/will still.


Vicki said…
Just to let you know I sympathize. I switched Dunken to a higher quality food because I think he's allergic to what he was eating. So for the last few days, he's been gassing us so bad the whole place reeks. We're talking eye tearing stench here.

It seems like he's getting used to the food now. he's not reeking quite as bad.

I read that a spoonful of yogurt is supposed to help. I haven't tried it though.

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