It is so nice to spend Christmas with my family and not have to go anywhere but home afterwards. To not have another place to visit or more family to see; that's the one thing I hated about the holidays when I was married.

I used to joke (before I was married, of course) that I would have to marry an orphan without any family so I didn't have to go anywhere on Christmas. I wasn't really joking. But anyway.

I had such a nice day. We all probably ate too much, and I definitely had too much pie (apple cranberry and pecan; I brought home a small pecan pie and some other stuff) along with Honeybaked Ham and a very yummy breakfast casserole Mom made. We didn't get to my movie, but that's okay; I'd forgotten that we listened to the audiobook of the Hogfather on the way to Florida one year, so they were actually familiar with the story anyway. I did get to watch the second episode of Blood Ties, though. It was good.

I got a lot of stuff on my list and a lot of stuff that wasn't on it. My sister Jessica made a really cute picture frame collection of pictures of Mabel (she decorated the picture frames and attached ribbons, so you hang it on the wall) and gave me some other cool stuff, like a pair of Crocs that look like ballet slippers. They are really cute and comfy, although I still can't wear them without socks because my feet sweat. Oh well. I might end up getting a pair of the Mary Jane style crocs with some of my Christmas money, but we'll see. This year was socks and bras year--I got five or six (or so) pairs of socks and four bras. I needed both. So that was cool. Now I can toss some of my really holey bras. :)

Em got me Pan's Labryinth and The Last Unicorn on DVD, which is wonderful, because I've been meaning to rent the former and I've always wanted to buy the latter. Now I have both, which works. I know what I'm going to be doing sometime this week.

I got a bunch of books, including two serger books (well three, but one was a double, so I gave it to Em), a Christmas Carols for Harps book, the Backyard Berry and Orchardist books, and Wild Fermentation. That one should be fun. It has the Scary Pickles in it. (There is a kitten sleeping on my arm, so my typing is a bit constrained at the moment. At least she is purring and not trying to bite me like she was a minute ago.)

I also got all three of the items I asked for from the King Arthur Baking Catalog. How cool is that? (I'd look for the post where I linked to everything, but again, I can't move that arm very well at the moment. It was the dough beater, the chopper thingy, and the mini bakers.) I also got the crock pot I wanted, which is the coolest thing (and the most space saving thing) in the world. It has a 2 qt., 4qt., and 6qt. crock that fit in one base. So instead of having three separate crock pots, you have three in one! That means I can probably get rid of my little one, which doesn't have a removable crock and is very annoying to clean. (I bought Bekah and Em crock pots too.)

Goodwill gave me a ceramic typewriter for my desk, which has a place for a pen and a spot for paper clips or business cards or something, and I also got a green Frankoma mug that is really nice and large. I got two of the cool -tea mugs too--Creativi-tea and Prosperi-tea. (They are in the Signals catalog.) And a bunch of other stuff I'm probably forgetting. It's all downstairs in a box, so I may add to this later.

(I try to list what I got so I can go back later over the years and see when I got things, because I never can remember.)

Everyone else seemed to like their gifts too--Ethan just about had a fit when he opened the giant Lego Castle set Mom and Dad gave him--it was a good fit, too, and he made Jess cry. It was cute. :) I have Jess on tape when she came downstairs to find a stand-up of Will Turner from PotC standing in the dining room. She didn't faint this time, but she screamed. And Em made this wonderful clock for Dad--it's really neat. I'll have to get a picture of it.

It was such a nice day. And I was very thankful to have everyone there, in good health and in good weather, and to have such a wonderful family to share Christmas with.

I hope everyone else had a good holiday too if you celebrate.


Vicki said…
*snicker* I KNEW I should have gotten you a mug. I knew it.

Glad you had such a good Christmas. I'll post an update about mine on the blog shortly.
Jessica Leah said…
Sometimes it's good to know that your family is out there, still loving you no matter what. :-) I had kind of a crummy day, so your blog made me feel a lot better! So thanks, even though you didn't realize you were doing it, you made me go to sleep a lot happier than I was a half hour ago. :-)

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