The whole of Full Moon--not the end, but the arc--or the reason--of the story, I guess--fell into my lap yesterday, quite unexpectedly. I poked it for a little while to see if it was viable, thought about it (it will involve a couple of minor changes, but not much more; my subconscious was evidently headed this way anyway) and slept on it. It's a bit cliched, but who cares? It works, it feels right, it fits in with the rest of the story, and heck. I'm not writing a bestseller here. I'm writing a story. There's a big difference. (And honestly, I don't think anyone will mind.)

All I can say is--Poor Edward. :)

I started this version on October 12. It's now 52,036 words. Dare I say I might have this finished by December 12? That would be nice, because whenever I do get it done, I'm taking the rest of the month off. So let's just say hopefully.


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