The wheat bread did not rise. It rose in the bowl, but not in the oven. More tinkering will ensue, I'm sure. It tastes fabulous, though. Mmmmm. (Hey, I had to eat something for lunch!) The taste of it was just right.

The Honey French is in the oven at the moment, because I don't have room for everything in there together. Which is kind of irritating, but oh well.

Part of my problem with the No-Knead bread is that I don't use cling wrap at all, and you're supposed to cover it with cling wrap overnight. I use wet towels, but it doesn't work. The next morning, the towel is dry and the top of the dough is all dried out, so I have to pick out the dried bits.

I may have to buy some cling wrap. I hate that stuff, though. :(


Grey said…
Use a shower cap instead of cling wrap. And it's reusable. :)

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