Here is my list for today: (Originally posted @ 9:30am.)

(Update @ 2pm, moving right along...)

--Sweep my bedroom
--Start bagging up the clothes in my hallway, leaving out the clothes-for-fabric, which go into the messy office
--Bake bread (what kind? I'm not going to do anything really complicated this week. I may even just use the bread machine.) I decided on Cream of Wheat bread to celebrate finding a reasonable source for cream of wheat, which is the same thing as farina.
--Do the dishes
--Laundry (has been started.) Last load is in the dryer.
--Put away clean clothes (after they are washed and dried, of course.)

--Write Full Moon (I'm at a good part, after uniting all the characters and making them think that All is Well (for the moment), I'm just about to make it all go to hell again for them. Aren't I nice?)
--Back up Full Moon on desktop computer

--Take a shower, get dressed. (Yes, this needs to go on my list or I'll end up in my pjs all day.) I'm going to take a shower tonight, so I don't have to take one tomorrow morning before work.
--Pack up some stuff for the PO.
--Post auctions?
--Water plants. I have happy plants now.
--Clean out litterboxes
--Make something for lunches for next week? (I'm going to make spaghetti for supper tonight; that will do, so I'm crossing this off.

I'm going to start the laundry and start the bread in a minute here.

I started my Shiitake mushroom kit the other day, and I have mushrooms growing! Yay! I wasn't sure it would work.

(It is so nice outside that I opened up the upstairs bathroom window so my darlings could all fight over the one open window. The kitchen door's open too. I'm trying to refrain from opening my bedroom window, although it would be nice. Hrm.)

(Update: I opened the hall window. Now there's a fresh breeze floating through the house, along with an awful lot of dust. Ah well.)

I'm going to sit out on my front porch and write Full Moon for a while! In January! It's 68 degrees outside!!

And I did eat the swiss chard with my salad for lunch. Mmmm.

Edit @ 4:40pm: I did sit outside for about 40 minutes, but the wind was a bit cold, and I don't want another ear infection. So I came inside and wrote for another 30 minutes, then put away my clothes. I'm going to do the dishes while supper is cooking, and write more tonight as well. If that's all I get done today, that's fine; I can finish up as I go along the rest of the week.

Edit @ 8:45pm: I'm going to try my best to get up early and take a shower tomorrow morning. And perhaps get one thing done per day that is left on my list of things to do. We'll see. But I did the dishes, so I'm done for the night. I have lives (characters) to ruin. :)


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