Since my cleaning/decluttering/paring down attempts have all failed before, I'm going to try something new.

Whatever room I start in is the room I have to finish before I start something else. I did that this weekend with my bedroom; I got through everything that needed to be gone through and I'm done. All I have to do now is keep it up, which won't take much time, since everything fits where it's supposed to fit and I'm not tripping over piles of stuff.

If I began in my bedroom (I guess I really started in the kitchen, but I didn't finish it, hence the new rule), then the next logical place to work on is the hallway. Which means weeding books. But we'll see. I'm not going to box myself in to which rooms I start in when, just as long as the previous room/area is done first.

Hopefully that will help me succeed in this. (I really should finish the kitchen next.)


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