I was only able to get rid of one skirt. In truth, while looking through my skirts, I could find only two that I couldn't remember wearing last year.*

I have five long-sleeved dresses, which works, because I rarely wear dresses when it's cold outside. There are more sleeveless dresses, but I did get rid of a few that I hadn't worn or I didn't like.

I have a pile of sleeveless dresses/other dresses for potential skirts, though. The majority of these were given to me by a coworker, but aren't a style I like. However, I'm not likely to just discard 100% linen if I could possibly make a skirt out of them. So we'll see.

I got rid of four blazers and a stack of pants. I tried everything on, and discarded what didn't fit or didn't feel right. I kept one blazer that I rarely wear because it's a print, I like the print, and I do have a short-sleeved blue shirt that will match with it now.

Next Up: the cedar chest which houses my pjs. Most of my pajamas are old sweatpants/t-shirts. I go for comfort. However, there are a couple of t-shirts that could be discarded, since I saved six from my weeding to wear for bed. Onward!

*I wear skirts in the spring/summer, almost exclusively. I've started wearing capris, too, but mostly I wear skirts**. So that's at least four days a week. If I only had eight skirts, I'd be wearing the same ones to pieces. So I do have a lot of skirts.

**And sleeveless dresses, in the heat of the summer. I don't have a bunch of those, though.


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