I made Self-Frosting Anise Drop cookies last night*--with much doubts as to whether or not they would really self-frost themselves. Well, the did, and if I remember to get a picture of them, I will, because they're really quite cute and tasty, even though anise isn't my favorite flavoring in the world.

For breakfast this morning, I fully intended to make myself an omelet, but it didn't work, so I had a scramble instead. I picked my first Shiitake mushroom, grabbed some frozen green peppers and a couple of slow-roasted tomatoes, sliced some Lacey Swiss cheese, and there won't be a picture of that, because there isn't any left. That mushroom was tasty, though.

I'm going to sit here and work on Full Moon for a bit while I'm waiting for my bread to rise, and then start working on the dishes. *sigh*

Which is, incidentally, currently at 41,128 words. Novel!

*Well, I made the dough last night. The dough had to sit out overnight. So I baked them this morning.


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