So I'm standing in my room, trying to figure out if I can possibly fit something else in my room, and I start thinking again. It's not good when I start thinking about my bedroom. I tend to try to rearrange a room that is pretty non-rearrangeable, and get frustrated, and quit. At the moment, that is everything (for the most part--I left out my little wooden cart and a plant stand that doubles as a book stand between the wardrobe and the door, my dirty clothes basket right around the corner (in front of the wardrobe), and my rocking chair. Oh, and two harps.)

Because it's the rocking chair and the harps that are the problems. I have the big harp at the foot of my bed at the moment, and Morgan somewhere else (in various places that haven't really worked. My rocking chair usually goes in front of the empty window, but I have another rocking chair that I'd really like to put in my bedroom too, but I'm afraid it's not going to fit, and there's really not much I can eliminate to make it fit. (Obviously my wonderful drawing is not to scale. And yes, that's supposed to be a cat on my bed.)

I can't move the wardrobe; it's a built-in. I can't really move my bed, either. I could move my chest of drawers to beside my bed (I had intended to do this in one of my rearranging fits, but I'm not sure it will fit with the exercise bike there.) Eventually, when the green room is the living room, the exercise bike will go downstairs in that room, but that doesn't really help at the moment. And also eventually, my other rocking chair will go downstairs too, when I have more space for spreading out seating in the living room and what will become the library. (At least currently, in the plans.)

If I had a good place for the little desk, I'd move it, because I really don't use it as a desk, although I did finally open it and have used it a couple of times now. But where to put it? If I found a place for it, I could then put the other rocking chair beside my bed. Which is where the first one was originally. Hmm.

Actually... I just had an idea. See, writing this all down does help. :)

Let me go measure...

Okay. (Thirty minutes later!)

The little desk will fit downstairs in the hallway where my poor cherry table that used to be my bedside table (at Mom and Dad's house) was before.

The chair fits okay; it's not perfect, and maybe someday I will have an oak chair to match. (Incidentally, we saw six of those chairs at the antique store we stopped at today--for $225.)

The cherry table that was in the hallway really needs to be repaired, because the bottom keeps coming loose, and the top needs to be restained, because I let something spill on it when it was my bedside table at my parents' house, and it has a big white spot.

That means my rocking chair will fit beside my bed, where my blue rocking chair used to be.

That means I can sit there again, and I'll have a spot for my purse and my laptop as it charges, and all is well again in my room! Ha!


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