Since it got down to 10 degrees the other night, I wondered if the Swiss Chard would finally give up and die. After church this morning, I walked out to the garden and checked--nope, it's still alive. In fact, there's enough to pick if I so desire (small new leaves, about eight of them; definitely enough for a salad.)

What am I going to do if it lasts the winter? I hadn't intended to leave it in the big garden next year, because I have the spot for what will become my kitchen garden all worked out over by the cistern. And that's where the swiss chard, lettuce, garlic (which is already over there, but not up yet and I'm trying not to worry), etc., will be.

*sigh* I guess I can't really complain. After all, last year I had lettuce survive the winter.

Last night I put the two rocking chairs in place, and now all I have to do is clear off the cedar chest (mostly clothes that need to be tried on) and go through my hang up clothes. And then sweep, and then I'm DONE in my bedroom. Joy of joys. I'm going to be working on that, and posting auctions, today.


Unknown said…
Save the seeds, of course. :) Or pull it out if you don't want it--it's only a plant. My Swiss chard turned to mush a while ago, so I'm jealous.
Jennifer said…
I did save the lettuce seed, and plan to plant it this year. My swiss chard has yet to *go* to seed so I can save anything! :)

I'm curious to see if it will last the winter. I know I could pull it out if it lasts, but I'm tempted to let it grow again if it does survive. I can always plant more in the kitchen garden. Maybe a different variety.

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