Since today was supposed to be rainy and not too cold, I decided that it was a good day to venture out to the Amish stores again and get more cheese. And some more wheat flour, and oatmeal, etc. I am really liking that I can basically go grocery shopping almost once every two months (for this sort of stuff) and be just fine otherwise. I really should look through my pantry and make up a list of staple-stuff that I could probably buy there, and eschew the grocery stores entirely.

If I had a good steady supply of meat (mostly chicken and turkey, really) then I could probably just do that. It would be heaven.

So now I'm set for cheese for another month and a half or so (Next week would have been two months since I'd last been there, and my 50lbs of bread flour will last another two months, probably), some more wheat flour for experiments from my whole-grain bread book, and also some cracked wheat, farina (for less than $1.50! At the store, Cream of Wheat is almost $4/box!), lentils, oats, wheat flakes (for granola), and some other stuff as well. I got Ethan some alphabet pretzels that I think he will love, too.

But it was almost an all-day thing (I went with Mom and Dad) so I really have to get going in my room a bit to get something done today. Hopefully I can actually finish my room tonight. We'll see.


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