I am a little more tired this morning, but I still got up early. Although I will say that I'm glad it's Friday. I don't think I could manage to get up this early seven days a week.

To my surprise, I might actually finish Full Moon this weekend. I'm not really getting major glimpses of an end scene, but I'm in the middle of one major climax at the moment, and headed towards the second one. Which leaves the wrap up, and makes it a very short book.

I have possible ideas of what to do with Full Moon, but if I do manage to finish it this weekend, the rest of January is going to look like this: edits that I should have gotten done already, book covers for those outstanding, reread and submit TSS and maybe even HD, finish the website redesign/decluttering, and then revising Full Moon and taking care of that too.

And the rest of the month? Cleaning/Decluttering/Posting Auctions. I hope to get some auctions posted this weekend (probably Sunday, since we have our last Christmas on Saturday.)


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