Against my better judgement, I went to the Brown County Fair last night with Bekah and Ethan. I'm really not a fair person. Once you've been to one, you've been to them all, but that's just my opinion. It didn't help that we almost got hit crossing the street--in a crosswalk and on a red light, no less.

At the moment, I'm listening to the tractor pull--hopefully it will be over with by the time I have to go to bed at 10pm. Argh.

I did eat a yummy caramel apple, but really, it was too crowded. The goats were cute, though, even the one that tried to eat my jacket. :)

It's supposed to rain tonight, so I didn't water my plants. I hope it does rain so I don't have to get up extra early tomorrow and water them in the dark.

I ate one of the broken sweet potatoes for supper last night. It was yummy!

And I posted auctions tonight--I'm weeding my cashmere sweaters. I don't have to keep *all* the ones I don't like for fabric, so we'll see how they sell.


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