A bit of a late start this morning; Miss Mabel decided that she had to bark at the neighbors at 3am, bark at the cats at 4am, bark at the wind at 5am and bark at something else between 6 and 7am. I was not happy with her at all.

Today's rooms include the kitchen, laundry room, and entry room. Here is what need to be done:

In the entry room:

--Finish rearranging the furniture
--sweep the floor
--mop the floor
--bag up the junk mail to take to work to shred
--finish painting the white cabinet (that is now light blue)
--go through the coats on the coat rack
--break down my shipping boxes so they're more organized.

In the laundry room:

--Sweep the floor
--Mop the floor
--Clean out the litterbox; replace the litter
--Rearrange the shelves so they are more organized
--Do laundry
--Paint the front of the white cabinet in the laundry room(?) (It's almost a "might as well" since the paint is out and the paintbrush is already dirty.)
--Tidy up everything else

In the kitchen:

--Do the dishes
--clean off the counters, this includes tossing rotten tomatoes into the compost bin
--sweep the floor
--mop the floor
--rearrange the 'pantry' cupboards
--toss stale cereal
--clean out fridge
--reorganize bakeware cabinet
--put away stepladder
--put away paint (for now)
--or, if there's time, paint that last spot on the wall and
--finish the wallpaper (?)
--Clean off kitchen table
--Clean off blue bookcase

The kitchen rug that Mabel claimed as her own finally died. She puked on it last night and I tossed it in the laundry, but it was pretty unravelled this time when I took it out and I threw it away. So I guess my search for a new kitchen rug has just been upped on my list.

I really can't complain; I had it since '99. That's not bad for a $20 rug.


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