I had a horrible week, so today I decided to take pictures of what is blooming and growing this time of year.

It seems that the horrible week is still going on--I just picked up a pile of towels in the bathroom and found my only pair of gym shoes underneath them--soaking wet and covered in mildew, because someone put wet towels in a pile on the floor. On top my shoes!! How dumb do you have to be to do such a thing?!?!!

Someone is cleaning off my shoes when she gets home, too, damn it.

These are zinnias and the purple is called obedient plant. I really like it. The other night, I was walking out to the garden to check the lima beans, and the short pink hibiscus was blooming in this grouping as well. It would have been a beautiful picture, but it was too dark. :(

My cardinal vines are blooming. They are also everywhere; they've gone up and down and across the bamboo poles I had set up for them. They're trailing down the well pump and across the concrete slab. They're going nuts. I think they like this spot!

These are the gourd vines I planted in front of the front porch. I'd do it again, but maybe not bird's nest gourds, because there's only one that I can find that I'll be able to pick. The other gourds (Small Fancy Mix) are doing well, as you can see in the next picture....

They are definitely a mix--some of them are really pretty!

Ethan's watermelons are doing great--there are two this size and one slightly smaller.

And Miss Mabel patiently waits for me to finish taking pictures so she can go inside. (Cleo doesn't care; she's happy lying on the porch. Pardon the messy porch. I cleaned out my car and guess where it all went?)

I'm headed to a Pampered Chef party this afternoon, so hopefully things will be better from now on. Burlington is tomorrow, too, so I am looking forward to that, even though I'm not bringing a lot of money to spend at all. But that's ok.


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