So far today I have made chicken chili, forgotten to plug in the crock pot (d'oh!), baked chocolate chip cookies, made more cornmeal bread (the recipe's from one of James Beard's books and I really like it), figured out how to string the loom (I really have to learn the lingo if I'm going to do this) after one false start, taken Loki to the vet to get fixed (It is sooo quiet around here!), had a dream that would be a really cool and unrelated to any series story (that was this morning; it's three or four pages worth of notes at the moment), started weaving a sash for me to wear around my waist to the RenFaire, since I don't own any belts and need one, and enjoyed the cool, rainy weather we're having today.

Oh, and the replacement mug I got from ebay came, too! This is actually a bit bigger than my poor, departed favorite mug, but it is a lovely, lovely color and much nicer in real life than in the picture.

Now I just have to find another one to keep as a spare, just in case something happens again. *narrows eyes.*


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