Jenny, thank you so much for the ice cream recipes! We tried the Ben & Jerry's vanilla tonight--boy is it rich! It worked perfectly, too. I could definitely see it as a base for just about anything, including chocolate. It was almost too rich, and that's saying a lot.

And I tried this recipe for Ethan, because he wanted chocolate--well, now I know how Wendy's makes Frosties! It tasted exactly the same. He had a blast turning the handle. We had to count to 100 a few times and say all our ABCs a few times or else he would have churned the ice cream to death.

It was great. I'm hooked!

The only issue the vanilla had was that some of the cream (I'm thinking it was the cream) froze, so there were odd chunks of frozen cream that still tasted wonderful and almost seemed like they were supposed to be there. I think we let it sit too long. However, if you added chocolate chips to the mix, no one would ever know you didn't mean to do it that way. :)


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