Update on the to-do list for the week:

1. Tomatoes were done yesterday, on schedule. I also made a huge (8 qt.) pot of vegetable soup that is so good I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Really.

2. I mowed tonight, just to get it over with, since all of my neighbors mowed and my grass looked extra long. It was long; I should have done it over the weekend, but it kept raining! What can I do? I am hoping that this is either it for the year, or the second to last mow. I HATE MOWING GRASS!

3. Since I got the mowing done, I intend to put my clothes away tomorrow. We're also supposed to make ice cream. I made myself a cherry slushie tonight, just to see how it worked. Yum!! (With Juicy Juice cherry flavored 100% juice, no less. So not all cherry juice, but still.)

4. I have decided after much thought and deliberation, to only go to the RenFaire on Saturday. I don't think I can handle two days in a row. Unless, of course, I decide to change my mind at the last minute and go (depending on how I feel Saturday night), I'm going to assume that I'll only be there one day.

So, the revised dates for the RenFaire are:

Sept. 9
Sept. 23
Oct. 7
Oct. 22

I think I can handle that.

Anyway, I have to go water and put away the &$#@ mower.


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