Here is a tentative list for the next seven days, non-writing related:

Tuesday: stop by Mom and Dad's on the way home from work, pick tomatoes. Take them home and juice tomatoes. This will probably be my last batch to juice, just because we have enough juice, already!

Wednesday: Put away the clothes that have been lying in piles around my room for weeks.

Thursday: Mow lawn? If it isn't wet, depending on the weather.

Friday: Get stuff ready to go to RenFaire, mow lawn if I can't on Thursday.

Saturday: RenFaire all day.

Sunday: RenFaire all day.

Monday: Recuperate from two days at RenFaire. (I'm glad the other days are single days. I'm really not looking forward to two days in a row.) Clean office. Move litterbox back into upstairs bathroom, etc.

Things I'm planning to get done before September 30, house-wise:

--Wallpaper in kitchen
--Clean off front porch/reorganize front porch
--Move grass-killing rug (when the time is right) to the next section
--Till the new section of garden once (?)
--Stop mowing my grass!!!


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