So, considering that it would be my luck to have to hurry out to the garden and dig up the sweet potatoes in the dark, I decided that enough was enough and that I would dig up two plants. Two plants filled my large strainer--and was about 1/4 bushel. Not too bad at all! I have six plants all together, so I imagine I will get about a bushel of sweet potatoes if all goes well.

The largest one broke, but even broke it is 10 inches long! And a couple of them need to be eaten right away, so I think I will make a sweet potato casserole to eat for lunch and dinner this week since I didn't get to make soup.

Here is a picture of the rearrangement; the cookbook desk that hopefully will help the entry room be more of a room instead of just a place to walk through:

I used it this evening to look up a recipe for our leftover chicken--and it was nice to have a space to flip through cookbooks! Now if I can figure out where to stick my boxes for shipping stuff and my cigar boxes (to use to put stuff in, of course, but I guess I could ship stuff in them too) then the entry room will be looking a lot better. All I have left to do is clean up a bit by the mail table, get rid of a couple of boxes over there, go through the coats and such on the coat rack, and sweep.

It will come together eventually.

I did verify that the kitchen floor has no hardwood under the vinyl, so that means I can do anything I want! Yay! Unfortunately, the cool MiYO flooring is out--I designed a really neat quilt-like floor on the website today, but it would cost over $700 for just the flooring. That is sooo not going to happen!

Wouldn't a quilt floor have been cute, though? *sigh* (Click on the photo to make it a bit bigger.) It really looks like a patchwork quilt!


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