Yesterday, when we went to Goodwill, I picked up a cute little penguin shaped Ice Cream Maker with its original box. It was made by Donvier, and I thought Ethan might like to use it to make some ice cream, since it said "Ages 3 and up." And it was only $2, so I thought why not?

I brought it home and looked it up on ebay. There was only one Penguin Donvier Ice Cream Maker sold recently--for $11, so I didn't waste my money, at least. :)

However, after looking at them and reading a bit about them, I thought I probably should have bought the other one I saw there as well--a plain 'adult' version of the pint-sized penguin. In fact, I decided to stop on my way home from work this afternoon just in case it was still there.

It was--and since all the housewares were 50% off, I ended up getting it for $2.50! Cool. And on my way out the door, I spied another one (what are the odds?) a quart one this time--for $4.50. So I bought that too.

Yes, so now I have three ice cream makers. The aluminum freezer canisters are in the freezer at the moment, and I've been looking up ice cream recipes. I am aiming for death by chocolate eventually, but I will settle for a nice vanilla, or chocolate chip. So far, they look rather complicated, but I have a few recipes bookmarked for further perusal later.

(I'm going to do sorbets too, I think. Heck, considering that I paid $6-something for a container of Serious Chocolate not all that long ago, I think I got a bargain!)

So anyway, something new to try... just what I needed. :)


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