I completely forgot to mention what I bought at the RenFaire yesterday--a mug to replace the one I broke from last year (the one that didn't even make it out of the parking lot) in pretty purple, and slightly larger than the one I got last year, some absolutely fabulous and cheaply priced handmade lip balm (Ginger Lemongrass) and some artisan tea.

Seriously, I should have said Artisan tea. Wow.

I had a nice conversation with the tea/lip balm (she makes soap and lotions too) lady as well--I will be buying more of her tea blends. And more of the lip balm--it's the best lip balm I've ever used. The tea is fabulously tasty--I picked up Cranberry Apple, Ginger Peach, and two others that I can't think of offhand. She does have a website too, which I will link here as soon as I get the literature upstairs from downstairs.

Today was supposed to be cleaning day. I did clean--but it was more like rearranging day. Friday at work I spent all of my break time visualizing my kitchen, laundry room, and entry room, trying to figure out a way to make them work better. I also had to figure out a way to fit the little Arts & Crafts desk Dad has for me somewhere upstairs, and I wanted all of my cookbooks in one place as well. I wanted the entry room to feel more like an actual room than a place to stick all the stuff without places. If that makes sense.

I think I'm going to succeed in my quest to make it work. So far, everything is fitting right where I want it to fit, and some things are surprising me. I moved the dryer around in the laundry room to make room for a table under the window--now the room looks a lot larger. I swapped Ethan's computer table and the typewriter desk, put one of my stick bookshelves beside it, and now my cookbooks are all together--and we have a place to sit and look up recipes. And the loose recipes are safe in desk drawers and not getting lost here and there. And that frees up a whole shelf on the bookshelves in the kitchen, where our cereal will eventually go (in glass jars.)

It's really strange how things are fitting so nicely. But I'm not complaining at all!!

So tomorrow will be more of that. I am hoping to finish rearranging and organizing the laundry room, and finish the entry room as well. I would like to get the kitchen done too, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that. I will be working in there, though. So I might get it done.

That would leave the dining room for the week's list of things to do, which shouldn't be too horrible, really, especially if I can get some more things poste d on ebay.

Obviously, I won't get a lot written this weekend, but that's ok. This was way overdue.


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