Okay, the sash is looking lovely--I am using the vintage rainbow-ish acrylic yarn that looks really pretty on the skein but didn't really knit up all that great. It looks wonderful woven, though. Ha! I am also going to make a little belt bag to go with the sash (I should just give in and call it a belt, shouldn't I?) so I'm in the process of warping (I think that's the right term) the other side of the loom--I can work on two things at once! Even better. So far, the sash is 10 1/2" long.

Loki is back, and wonky from the drugs--he is to be isolated for one night (tonight) and tomorrow, and then he is free. So that's not too bad at all. He's not allowed to eat anything until tomorrow, though. Luckily he isn't complaining. In fact, all he really wants to do is curl up with someone and sleep. He'll be alone in my office for the night, but for now I am being nice and letting him curl up on my desk as I type and read stuff on the internet.

My bread turned out pretty good. It has a more yeasty texture and flavor than last time, but I think that's a good thing. I might even put more cornmeal in it next time; I like the added texture it gives. And the chili was good too. I even did most of the dishes I dirtied. So good!

I did not make the honey wheat bread. I thought I had a recipe, but I couldn't find one in a quick search. So I will have to look again, because I know, with the amount of bread receipe books I own, there has to be one somewhere!

Poor Loki keeps falling asleep and then jerking awake and looking around him, as if to reassure himself that he is really home. Evidently, he was next to a goat at the vet's office. I thought that was funny. :)


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