I had to drive to Columbus today for a meeting--in torrential rain going in and pouring rain coming back. Ack. It's sooooo not fun when you can't see the car/semi in front of you.

And we've gotten 3.4 inches of rain (according to Dad) since last night. That's a lot of rain, and it's still raining! Did I miss a hurricane or something? I mean, I knew it was supposed to rain today, but this much?

So of course my sunflowers are falling over, and my tomatoes are splitting (I did pick the ripe ones last night, so I won't lose too many) and my yard is a sodden mess. But I wore my new shoes today and managed to keep my feet perfectly dry even as I splashed through puddles! Impressive! And they are soooo comfortable, too. It's a shame they don't have many colors/sizes left. (I did order another pair in a different color because I do like them that much.)

That means, of course, that I will be going through my shoes again as well as my clothes so I can get rid of stuff I really don't wear. And I'm going to try to refrain from buying sweaters this year if I can help it--other than cashmere, because I can't resist. (I know I'll buy some sweaters, I just don't need to buy as many.)

I still need to put away my clothes, though. I'm hoping to do that tomorrow.


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