Wednesday nights are going to be auction nights, I think. I have a lot of stuff that I really need to start getting rid of, and since it's getting cooler outside, I might as well start now. So every week I will try to post between 4-6 items, so I can start to make a dent in the stuff I really don't want (or stuff I bought to sell that has been sitting in various places around the house for months.)

I'm planning to go through some of the boxes of notgarbage as well, just because I really don't need to keep some of this stuff. Really! I'd much rather replace the stuff I'm getting rid of with nicer things--or more of the same, like teapots. (I'm out of room for teapots. Dad bought me two Frankoma teapots the other weekend, and they're still sitting on my stove with nowhere to go. So something has to give!)

For example, the other day I was looking for something in the closet in my office and I found the old QuickPad I used to use. I thought I had gotten rid of that a long time ago, but no, it was there--and when I put batteries in it, I found a bunch of stuff still in the memory! So I erased it and off it went to auction... Stuff like that, you know.

Wednesday auction night should help with the clutter, definitely. And Wednesday's a good night to have auction night, too. (Click on the link that says "Ebay Auctions" up above and you will get there if you're interested. There's plenty more where these items came from, believe me.)

I am using the Dining Room as the staging area for auctions, because I have to do something in that room other than let it sit there looking pretty.


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