I have a horrible problem trying to spend gift certificates, unless they're to a store I frequent, or a bookstore, where I have no problem at all spending money. At the moment, I'm trying to find something to buy from Sears. Last year, I ended up getting a pair of Lands End boots, which are still nice, and I don't really need another pair.


I mean, there are some tools I wouldn't mind having, but would I really use them? Do I really need a better set of mini pliers if I have a cheap set that works fine already? (For what I use them for, that is. I don't use them often.)

And I don't need another pair of shoes, either.

Ah well. I'll find something, I'm sure. I have stuff to do yet tonight.

We had Dad's side of the family's Christmas tonight. There were a lot of people! Whew. And my present from the adult gift exchange went missing, so I hope it shows up. I made chocolate chocolate chip cookies (I'm thinking about calling them fudge cookies, because they were really yummy. There aren't any left, either.) I also attempted to make fudge, but it didn't work, so I will have to try again. This was my first time ever making fudge, so I wasn't completely surprised that it didn't work. (I don't think I beat it enough after it cooled and it crystallized.) So I'll have to try that again.

But I used my new 4-quart pot, and oh, was clean-up a breeze. Even though the fudge stuff was caked on it, it took me hardly any time at all to clean. That is so nice.

We're exchanging gifts with Emily tomorrow, so I have to get one last thing done. But I wanted to update, since I hadn't updated since Wednesday.


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