Well, I had to try it once, I guess, but I can say with pretty much finality that I won't do that craft show again. Sheesh. What a waste of time! The only good thing that came of it was that I got quite a bit crocheted on a Christmas gift--I might actually get it finished in time. We'll see.

But I think I'll stick with St. Mary and St. George and pity the poor people who do this every weekend from the beginning of November until the week before Christmas. I'd much rather do ebay, and that's saying a lot.

(I think I might have made $25 today. Whoopie. I barely made back the $20 I donated for the space!)

In other news, I used my Featherweight today, officially for the first time (I was just playing around last night.) It's like using a miniature sewing machine! Like a kid's sewing machine, almost! It's really strange. But it works very well, and I like to use it. It's easy to work with, too, which is even nicer. But the funny thing is that a normal-sized spool of thread looks way oversized on it. I might have to get smaller spools to compensate, since the spool does tend to fling itself around a bit more than I'd normally like.

And with that thought, I'm seriously considering giving Jess my spare (the Singer 5140) for Christmas instead of finding her another one. That would leave me some room to put my normal machine up for a while, and use my Featherweight for sewing. I hardly ever use the free arm anyway, so having a spare I never use just isn't feasible if I'm trying to cut down on the clutter in here.

Unless, of course, I find one of these at Goodwill (or Burlington) for cheap... then I guess it wouldn't matter. :)

(The one good thing was the lady with the goat's milk lotion and lip balm and soap. I bought quite a bit of her lotion, some of it for Christmas presents. She made me a Rosemary Mint lotion as a special order and delivered it today! How nice. And it smells sooooo good!)


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