Well, Em is on her way back to Portland. I taught her to knit again, though, so hopefully she'll remember the gist of it this time. :) We had a good time, I think; she even got to visit a bit here yesterday, and see how big Loki has gotten, among other things.

Today we went to Goodwill (I was off work to go to Columbus with Dad to drop Em off) after seeing Ethan's Christmas program at his preschool. It was cute, and the kids did a good job. I don't miss having a class, though.

At Goodwill, I found a Christmas present for Jess and a rug for the doorway of the kitchen (to hide the burned spot on the floor.) The rug that was there before was a huge rag rug, and it was really too large for that space. I needed a rug that was 5 foot wide, and I found one today for $18. It's braided wool as far as I can tell, and it looks nice, if a bit weird at the moment. :)

And I'm working on Christmas presents--I'm working on a throw at the moment. So far, it looks rather cute.


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