Well, setup last night was a bear, with the icy wind cutting through even my warmest cashmere sweater (plus my coat, of course) and my angora hat. It was probably 30 by the time the temperature stopped dropping, it didn't take long at all to lose all feeling in your extremities.

Luckily, I thought ahead and wore my nice wool-lined boots. Oh, were my feet nice and toasty all evening!

I have a room to myself--literally. It's a little room, and I had to really think to get it set up right, but it works. We'll see how it will work today, with Jess and her friend coming to help facepaint.

Last night was slow, of course. I expected it to be. However, I did manage to make about $12, most of that facepainting. I did one full face Christmas tree (it turned out very cute!) on a 14-year old boy (while his friends looked on) and then three cats in quick succession. Then I did a dog on an adorable little boy, and a cat on another cutie named Jasmine. I had a mini-rush there.

Lots of compliments on the dolls, and on the picture of my house (one guy said it didn't look like a photograph at all, but a painting. I should sell the photograph!)

Today I'm going to let Jess and her friend man our booth for a while and walk around to see what else is setup.

The only thing I bought last night was some lip balm and some goat's milk lotion. I really like the lotion; I'll be buying more of it by the end of the weekend, definitely. And probably more lip balm too; I like to keep one lip balm in each of my coats during the winter.


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