If I ever got another dog, it would have to be just like Miss Mabel. Case in point: Mabel is left with the run of the entry room and kitchen the whole day while I'm at work. There is a gate across the door leading into the Green Room. Her crate is in the entry room, her food and water are available if she decides she needs them, and she can pretty much do what she wants all day long (which is usually, sleep.)

She always meets me at the door, because after 11 hours, she really needs to go potty. So I always take her out right away. She has never had an accident--except for the one time that it was my fault, and that was a long, long time ago and it was also overnight.

Today was a bit different.

I got home, opened the door, and Mabel wasn't there. It was really strange, because she usually is right there waiting for me. I stood there for a moment, and then noticed that the gate was wide open. Ten seconds later, I heard a thump from upstairs, and then the sound of Miss Mabel's feet on the stairs. After letting her out to go potty, I crept upstairs to view the damage, thinking that there was quite a lot she could have gotten into. However, everything was in place. She hadn't even tried to get into the litterboxes, as far as I can tell. Evidently, she decided that she would rather sleep on her wool blanket upstairs rather than sleep downstairs on her blanket/rug nest or in her crate. Or in front of the door. Or wherever she usually ends up.

So I was very relieved!

But that also made me realize just how good I have it with her. She is so non-destructive that I wouldn't know what to do with a destructive dog. And that's why any other dog I might end up with in the future has to be just like Miss Mabel, because she is a good girl.


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